Bobbi Baugh Artwork

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Once upon a time, I was not a questioner. I have not always looked deeply at what was going on around me or inside of me. But life changes.

Now, I am interested in patterns and connections of all kinds: human, organic, causal and consequential. I am especially intrigued with seeing internal and external events in layers. This compels me to dig beneath the surface and explore what’s there.

When the exploring goes inside, to the world of dreams and memory, my role is artist-as-storyteller. When the exploring is in the natural world, my role is artist-as-archaeologist: digging for things unseen, and juxtaposing them with elements that might not be expected.

Mixed media artwork is the perfect vehicle for such explorations. I love the rhythm of monoprinting paper and fabric. I enjoy the rich textures and layers created with fabric.

I invite the viewer to look deeply with me. Perhaps we will both learn to see things in new ways.

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