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Two girls fly through a starry sky as silhouettes on a lawnchair
Flight of the Magical Lawnchair
Textile Collage / Art Quilt
46"H x 29.5"W

“The Flight of the Magical Lawnchair” is part of the young girl journey series. I created it for an exhibition at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado in 2014 where it was awarded First Place, providing me with a solo show at the Museum the following Spring.

This work was inspired by a family photo of my sister and myself, aged three and five, together on a lawnchair. I simplified the photo to a silhouette and placed us in the sky, flying on a magical adventure. I imagined that, if we had ever taken such a flight, and if we had seen our town from a new perspective, everything would have been changed, and anything would have been possible.

This work is finished with a fabric edge and displays from a hanging pocket on the back as an art quilt. Imagery is created as monotype on fabric and rice paper, hand painted fabric, with collage construction and machine stitching.