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Art Quilt
How Can We Sing in a Strange Land?
Monotype Fabric Collage
53.5" x 72"

This piece has been juried for inclusion in the SAQA exhibit, "Migration Stories", opening April 2016 at the National Textile Museum of George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The mournful lament of the Jews captured and taken from their ancestral homeland in the 6th Century BCE is heard in Psalm 137: "How can we sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land?" They were bereft. They had left behind their home and, they believed, their God. This intense longing for home is woven into the story and history of the Jewish people. And yet, it is not a unique story. It is universal—and, therefore, all the more powerful. For many immigrants, every image of home left behind is richer, deeper and more verdant than the new "strange" land. Home smelled better. Home tasted better. At times, the scattered self that lives in the new place does not even feel like oneself. Contemporary immigrants also give voice to their lament: How can we sing in a strange land?